ALMe Lathe


The ALMe, defined by the user, for the user.ALMe with 1 Compact Tool Holder & FT-3 Edge

The newest member of the ALM Family of Lathes, the ALMe incorporates several new ergonomic features and an enhanced flexibility for lens producers, without compromising the tradition of delivering all of the advantages of superior lens surface quality, precision and productivity.


ALMe Enhancements

  • Lower machine height provides easier access for faster tool changes and improved operator efficiency.
  • Included HMG will improve tool calibration set-up times
  • Compact tool holders allow increased number of tool positions or DAC Options for greater lens product applications
  • Multi-Tool Management software application
  • Color touch screen on adjustable mount encourages more intuitive interaction for menu selections
  • Removable keyboard gives greater access to machine functions and avoids clutter
  • Two easily accessible US 2.0 ports for handling local file and data exchanges that are not network enabled







ALMe Tooling                                                                                               ALMe with FT-3 Edge Fast Tool


Multi-Tool Management

The introduction of the new DAC Compact Tool Holders, and the latest in DAC software capability provides the opportunity to make the most of the large tool plate on the ALMe.

The reduced machine working height ensures that multiple tool configurations can be viewed more easily for set-up optimization.

4-Gang Compact Tool Holders with FT-3 Edge Fast Tool

4-Gang Compact Tool Holders with FT-3 Edge Fast Tool 



pdf_icon25Download the ALMe Lathe Data Sheet for review or printing



pdf_icon25Download the ALMe Lathe Data Sheet in Chinese for review or printing