DAC Cutting Simulation Software

DAC International has recently released Version 5.3xx Software with cutting simulation capability.

Key user features include:

  • A visualization of the tool paths for every stage of lens machining — not just any simulation, but using the actual tool path as calculated from the lens selections and parameters that you select.
  • Software tools that enable on-screen manipulation of tool geometry and positions so they may be adapted to optimize clearances. This ensures fine lens details can be made correctly, prior to machining, thus avoiding potential tool collisions or increased scrap due to uncertainty when machining new lens products.
  • Snap-to-View functions to determine lens dimensional parameters.
  • Color selection of tools and lens material to highlight specific tool types and functions.
  • Standard on all new equipment. Also available for upgrade or desktop software.

…. and all supplied complete with the usual extensive range of optical lens programs and intuitive functionality synonymous with DAC software.

Click on the sample screens below.

Base Curve Roughing – Click to enlarge


Finish Tool – Click to enlarge


Contact Lens Edge Turning – Click to enlarge


Shouldering Routine – Click to enlarge


Zoom in on Edge Profile – Click to enlarge


Finished Lens – Click to enlarge