DAC Lens Production Software

DAC International offers the industry’s most comprehensive and intuitive selection of software for lens manufacturing — easy to use and easy to customize.

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Standard Features :

  • Access to over 50 algorithms for creation of specific contact lens designs, including spheres, aspheres, torics, bi-torics, multi-focals, quad sym, and other more complex geometries.
  • Imports points files for virtually any shape, including text, binary, meridian, spiral, wave corrected, etc.
  • Enables integration with 3rd-party software
  • Fully customizable menus
  • Multi-task – enter data for one job while another is running on the machine
  • Integrated tool calibration menu
  • Tool management
  • Continuous running of a series of jobs (identical or different prescriptions)
  • Virtually eliminates need for operator data entry by use of disk input and barcoding
  • On-line technical support
  • Built-in diagnostics



DAC  Version 5.4xx Software with extended capability.

  • Cutting Simulation Software
  • Multi-Curve Edge
  • Full Lens Design & Measurement
  • Fenestration Option

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  • ASC (Automatic Sphericity Check)

    DAC Height Measurement Gauge (HMG)

    DAC Height Measurement Gauge (HMG)

  • XLS (Axis Locating System)
  • HMG (Height Measurement Gauge)
  • AFB (Automatic File Backup)

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Click here for more details and printable data sheet on XLS and HMG
Click here for printable data sheet on XLS and HMG in Chinese



Custom Software

Custom software is available upon request.