Universal 1000 Autoloader


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  • Automated part handling of contact or intraocular lenses
  • Insures part-to-part quality
  • Runs up to 1,000 parts without stopping to re-load
  • Allows “lights out” operation of your DAC ALM Lathe or MLC Mill/Lathe Combo
  • Networks with host computer
  • Optional bar coding available
  • Universal 500 Version available as option to DAC 2XC Compact Lathe


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Universal 1000 Autoloader Bar Code Reader

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Universal 1000 Autoloader Bar Code Reader

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  • Tray system mounted at the rear of the machine
  • Each tray will hold 100 buttons or blocked parts (approximately 300 x 300 mm)
  • Elevator system will hold as many as 10 trays (1,000 parts) stacked for continuous running.
  • 20 trays will be provided with the system (10 running at the lathe / 10 at load and unload).
  • Trays are easily inserted or removed during operation
  • Standard Data Input from Keyboard, Disk or Host Computer.
  • Bar Coding or RFI compatible.
  • Adaptable to most blocks or arbors used in the industry.



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After data entry, the system indexes the elevator, positions the first tray and moves the tray to the X/Y loading station.

A “pick and place” arm removes the part from the tray and loads it into the spindle nose.

The loading arm has dual or quad end effecters for insertion and removal of either blocked parts or blanks from the spindle nose and the loading trays.

During the roughing cycle, the arm returns the cut part to the holder, picks up the next part and waits for the finish cut to be completed. This keeps load/unload time to a minimum.

All loader movement is completed prior to the start of a finish cut to minimize vibration.



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DAC International offers the industry’s most comprehensive lens manufacturing software — easy to use and easy to customize.  Full maintenance and calibration capability is built into our software, as well as on-line editing

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