DAC 100A Series Ultra-Precision Lathe


DAC 100A Ultra-Precision Lathe

  • High dynamic stiffness with proprietary air bearing spindle and slides providing superior product surface quality
  • Multiple tool positions for greater flexibility
  • 3-Tool Fast Servo System – includes the unique ability to form complete edge radii of non-rotationally symmetric lens peripheries
  • Precision sensor for rapid, precision center line (lateral) calibration
  • Dedicated diamond tool height sensor permits precise and efficient tool calibration
  • ASC (Automatic Sphericity Check) – rapid sub-micron sphere calibration
  • Switchable air and spray-mist lubrication for optimizing lens surface finish
  • User friendly – all controls accessed from a high-quality color touch screen
  • Intuitive DAC Script Language, including more than 50 lens design configurations
  • Non-ferrous metal turning:  brass, nickel plating, aluminum, copper
  • Stable granite base with vibration isolation system



Red BoxDescription

The DAC 100A two-axis ultra-precision CNC-controlled contouring lathe offers polish-free capability for contact lens, IOL and mold inserts manufacture.  The high-quality color touch screen provides a user-friendly operator interface with software configuration for intuitive use.  Available with dedicated block system or collet for customer-specific arbors.  Easily integrated with your current lens manufacturing process.


Installation Requirements

Red BoxInstallation Requirements


   Floor LoadMachine weight 1,764 lbs. (800 kg)
   Dimensions39.5″W x 35.5″D x 55″H
(100 cm x 90 cm x 140 cm)
   TemperatureAir-conditioned to 68°F ±2°F (20°C ±1°C)
No direct sun radiation into the room

Electrical Services:

220–230 V, 50/60 Hz, single phase, 16 Amp supply
 Stability ±10% (UPS is optional)

Compressed Air:

87–116 PSIG, delivery at 10.6 CFM
(6–8 Bar, delivery at 300 litres/min)
Air quality per ISO 8573.1 (2001), Class 2 or better
 Absorption dryer with 1 micrometer filter (optional)
 Oil content <0.003 PPM at 70°F (21°C)

Vibration Control:

Room not adjacent to transport corridors or vibration-generating equipment.  Ground floor or basement preferred.


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