Oscillating Tool Technology (OTT)


The Z’ axis fast tool provides synchronized motion with the spindle to produce a variety of back and front surface non-rotationally symmetric geometries.

The oscillating tool has up to 2 mm tool excursion.OTT-closeup.07-12

A high-speed air turbine spindle is included for axis and diagnostic marking.


OTT Contact Lens Software Package:

  •      Supports base curve torics in multiple zones as required
  •      Toric optic zones in aspheric curves
  •       Front toric
  •       Bi-toric
  •       Atoric
  •       Spherical
  •       Crescent slab-off geometry
  •       Double slab-offs
  •      Prism ballast software
  •      Points files
  •      Quad symmetrical
  •       Front surface weighting
  •       Toric blends
  •      Circular or elliptical optic zones

OTT IOL Software Package – toric lens capability for generation of:

  •       Bi-convex
  •       Meniscus
  •      Other non-rotationally symmetric designs